Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle and Goldberg Involved in a “Tense” Encounter Backstage at SummerSlam


As many of you know by now, Matt Riddle has been very outspoken about Goldberg in recent months. This apparently led to a “tense” encounter backstage at SummerSlam. During the WWE SummerSlam “Watch Along” video, Pat McAfee said he had heard that there was some sort of some run-in between the two backstage. Riddle said,

“So, [Goldberg], I’m walking by and I see his locker room. I’ve already seen Brock’s, but I see Goldberg’s locker room. And I’m trying to get a peek. And I’m looking, I’m looking, all of a sudden, pow! Big shoulder [colliding into him]. 300 pounds, at least. I look up; it’s Bill Goldberg.

He goes, ‘Oh, we got some talking to do!’ And I’m like, ‘Well, we can talk anytime, bro.’ He’s like, ‘Yeah?’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah!’ And I was like, ‘Alright bro, anytime.’ And he’s like, ‘I’m not your bro!’ And I’m like, ‘Alright, bro. Take it easy. Whatever.’ And then he’s like, ‘Yeah, we’ll see. I’ll see ya later. And hey, it was a pleasure meeting you.’ And I go, ‘The pleasure was all mine, bro.’ And then he goes, ‘I’m not your bro.’ And then I walked away, I had to come here.”

For what it’s worth, McAfee said that the run-in was filmed by WWE so it appears to be an angle obviously.

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