Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle: “I Never Wanted a Match with Goldberg!”, and More


On which dream matches are left for him in NXT: There’s a couple of people I have not faced, even throughout my indie career and everywhere else and I feel like it would be good. The one person is Johnny Wrestling, Johnny Gargano. I’ve never wrestled him. We were supposed to wrestle a couple times at Evolve and I don’t know, I feel like he politicked his way out of the match. He didn’t want the Bro to get his hands on him! I feel like, you know, with his in ring ability and mine – it could be pretty tasty. Another one that I know is good to wrestle because we wrestled before and the indies, the only did it twice and it was amazing, I was still pretty green, and it was Tommaso Ciampa. Me and Tommaso, we work… We fight each other very well, I’ll say that. I think that could be good, especially if he comes back sooner rather than later, I would love to be the first to get a crack at him.

On whether he’d rather be stuck in a lift with Jericho or Goldberg: Probably Jericho, because Goldberg is just… I told you that I talked to him. He’s not a fun guy. At least he’s not fun for me, I’ll say that. He could be fun. Maybe it’s just because of things that had been said already but we did not click. It would just be very terrible. With Jericho, when he posted that video making fun of my face and all that stuff, like the look, I thought it was hilarious. Personally I think we’d have more fun, even though we are not fans of one other per se, I think we could make each other laugh, regardless. Goldberg not so much, nobody is laughing in that confined space.

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