Matt Riddle Puts Dana White On Blast For Previous Comments


Before getting into the world of pro wrestling, Matt Riddle competed as a pro-MMA fighter and had a stint in the UFC, which saw his time in the promotion end after failing two drug tests within a year for marijuana. Following his departure, UFC President Dana White talked plenty of trash about him. A video of White talking about Riddle in September of 2013 has made the rounds where he called Riddle “weak-minded,” “addicted to marijuana,” and a “dummy.”

Riddle took to his official Twitter account today where he sent out a clip of the interview and fired back at the UFC boss.

“Well, guess what dummy? They drug test in the real world, too. You think you’re going to work 325 days a year and not get drug tested? He couldn’t pass a drug test three times a year, but he’s going to pass it in the real world? And I want to know where this rocket scientist is going to make one-hundred and something thousand dollars a year?”

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