Matt Riddle Recalls Recent Backstage Interaction With Goldberg At WWE Raw


It’s no secret that Matt Riddle and Goldberg have had a history together as they did not like each other. 

However, Riddle and Goldberg seemingly have agreed to disagree when it comes to their wrestling mindsets. 

Riddle recalled to Sony Sports India (via Sportskeeda) that he had a recent interaction with Goldberg at Raw. 

“Bill Goldberg is extremely entertaining, I can’t take anything away from that but I’ll tell you this, I saw Bill the other day before he challenged Bobby Lashley and he was walking to the Gorilla Position and I was standing there and I was with Damian Priest at the time and he says hi to everybody and then Goldberg comes up to me gives me a look. He was making a face and then he goes, ‘Hey, congratulations kid….’ and I was like, ‘Oh man, Goldberg is kind of nice’, so I gave him a little handshake and he went out and challenged Bobby and then he was coming out, through Gorilla again and I was like, ‘Hey Goldberg, good stuff’ and as he gave me a fist bump he says, ‘I only need two moves’ so I was like, ‘Oh man, the guy’s still got it.'”

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