Matt Riddle’s Wife Accuses Him Of Leaving His Family Behind


WWE Superstar Matt Riddle took to Twitter on Sunday and sent out a tweet about how much he loves his life right now. While the tweet seemed innocent enough, Riddle’s wife Lisa posted a reply saying he moved away from her and his kids. The tweet has since been deleted.

Riddle originally wrote,

“I love my life so much bro!!! I’m in California tagging with my best bro Randy and trust me it doesn’t get any better then this dude #rkbro #stallion #bro #wweraw #usanetwork #tagteamchampions”

That’s when Lisa replied with the following,

“You would say that now that you packed up and moved to Orlando away from your children.”

Matt and Lisa Riddle were married in 2011 and have three children together.

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