Matt Sydal On If ROH Could Compete With WWE & Samoa Joe’s Return To ROH


Former WWE Superstar Matt Sydal recently spoke with Aaron Oster of The Baltimore Sun’s Ring Posts blog about if Ring of Honor could compete with WWE, Samoa Joe’s return to ROH & More.

On if he thinks ROH could compete with WWE if they got a big cable deal: It’s not about competing, it’s about putting on a product that people enjoy, and fostering love for this wrestling art that we all do. If anything, it would probably boost WWE’s numbers because wrestling ebbs and flows together. So if somebody comes in and lights a spark in wrestling, which is what Ring of Honor does, then we light a fire for the entire industry. Wrestling has the ability to get red-hot again at a moment’s notice. Ring of Honor could be the coal that gets that done.

On Samoa Joe returning to ROH: That is so huge. There’s not a lot that makes me grab my phone and start texting out text messages, but that was an announcement that made me. Samoa Joe is a legend. He’s been a legend in my book since I started and having someone like him come back to Ring of Honor, a place that he helped build and give life to, is going to be an unbelievable asset. He’s going to keep lighting that fire, and keeps raising the bar for everyone.

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