Matt Sydal

Matt Sydal Set To Debut For EVOLVE Under His Former Alias Evan Bourne


EVOLVE has announced Matt Sydal will be appearing for the promotion in the near future. However, Sydal will be reverting back to a former alias of his during his tenure with WWE, Evan Bourne.

EVOLVE announced the following in their official press release:

Evan Bourne was one of the WWE’s most exciting stars. He was known for his spectacular “Air Bourne” finisher of the top rope. He rose to being WWE Tag Team Champions along with Kofi Kingston. Bourne’s last match was in 2013 and he parted ways with WWE in 2014. He competed as Matt Sydal, but the Evan Bourne name and persona was retired.

Bourne now wants to make a comeback. EVOLVE’s connection to NXT allows him to revive the “Evan Bourne” name and precision style that thrilled WWE audiences.

“There has never been a more ideal moment for Evan Bourne to return,” Bourne said, “I’m thankful for this rebirth. I’m thrilled for this opportunity, and will open everyone’s eyes at EVOLVE. On November 9th and 10th, come see what I’m saying.

In 2010, Evan Bourne during his tenure with WWE was involved in one of Randy Orton’s most iconic RKO’s in history, which you can watch below:

Bourne aka Matt Sydal has wrestled in ROH, Impact, NJPW among other promotions since his WWE release in 2014.


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