Matt Taven On The Tragedy That Got Him Back Into Wrestling


The Kingdom’s Matt Taven was a recent guest of The Undisputed Podcast with Bobby Fish podcast when he revealed the tragedy that got him back into pro wrestling.

According to the former ROH World Champion, it was the Benoit family tragedy in 2007 that led to his pursuit of a pro wrestling career. He said,


“Weirdly, the murder-suicide of the Benoit family is kinda what got me back into wrestling. It was one of those things where I hadn’t seen a lot of my friends that I grew up with, that I used to watch wrestling with, and all that stuff. I hadn’t seen them in a while; we hadn’t got back together. And some of us were playing basketball in a men’s league together, and that news came down through friends of friends of friends who started saying what was happening. We were like, ‘Let’s all get together. Let’s watch Raw. What the hell’s going on? This is crazy.'”

Taven’s most recent match was a tag team affair that took place on AEW Dark on January 4th. He teamed with Mike Bennett to defeat the team of Gurv & Harv Sihra (the former Bollywood Boyz of WWE).

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