Matt Taven: “ROH Should Be Putting More Stock In Me!”, & More


Matt Taven recently took part in a media call for Ring of Honor (ROH) and revealed why he feels the company should put more stock into him. You can check out some highlights from the call below:

On ROH putting more stock into him: “Whatever Cody wants to do with his life is his own business, and nothing that I really concern myself with. I think in general, whatever the outcome of Jay Lethal versus Cody Rhodes might be, that the company should put more stock in me as the real Ring Of Honor World Champion because the evidence is right there. The proof is in the pudding. We’ve talked about the conspiracy for so long, and anytime I got an opportunity, I’ve succeeded. All this company needs to do is put me in position to put it on my back, and they would continue to succeed like they have been.”

On needing to “stand out more” in ROH: “Hmm…do I feel like I could do something more to stand out? I think I literally do everything I possibly could. Look at my performance in the ring, look at my performance on the mic, look at my performance at the merchandise stand, alright? What more does this company need? What more proof do they need? To me, I’m the Ring Of Honor World Champion, and I’ve done everything imaginable. Everything anyone could ask me to do, and I’ve done it well, and I’ve done it right.”

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