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Maui Mike Stripped Of ASP Livestream Championship




As first reported at the most recent All-Star Pro event, Maui Mike has been stripped of the ASP Livestream Championship. On May 23, 2021, All-Star Pro presented King of the Stream, emanating from Venue 23 in Bethany, Oklahoma. At this event, we would learn of the stripping of the aforementioned title by All-Star Pro management.

eWrestlingNews has learned that Maui Mike being stripped of the championship is due to him no-showing the King of the Stream event. For this event, a tournament was scheduled to crown a “King of the Stream.” However, with the ASP Livestream championship vacated, the winner of the tournament would be awarded the title.

With Maui Mike’s stripping of the ASP Livestream Championship, fans are left inquiring on the status of Mike’s ASP Tag Team Championship as well. On April 25, 2021, ASP CEO Red stripped The Saints of Pro Wrestling of the ASP Tag Team Championships. This would lead to Maui Mike and partner Malik Mayfield winning the ASP Tag Team Championships this same night. ASP CEO Red did not comment on the status of Mayfield and Mike’s championship reign.

The aforementioned championship tournament will take place tonight. We will crown a new ASP Livestream Champion! Who will walk away with the title? Find out as ASP King of the Stream rolls on.

Check back at for all of your official professional wrestling news, rumors and results. Check out the All-Star Pro Facebook page to find out more about ASP!

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