Mauro Ranallo Briefly Speaks On Why He Left WWE Earlier This Year & Talks Working For Bellator MMA


The new voice of NXT, Mauro Ranallo, talked with the Associated Press regarding his departure from the WWE earlier this year, working for Bellator MMA & being on the call for the Mayweather vs. McGregor match-up.

Here are the highlights:

Working For Bellator MMA & Calling Mayweather vs. McGregor:

“I’ve never been more successful than I am right now. Dealing with my own health issues and where I come from, I’m not supposed to be here, now I’m calling one of the biggest MMA events of the years, calling the biggest prizefight of the year and the fact that I’ll soon be getting back into professional wrestling, I wouldn’t trade places with anybody.”

Why He Initially Left WWE:

“I was willing to walk away from my dream job, let’s leave it at that. In order for me to do that, I had to be true to my convictions and what makes you a human being.”


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