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NewsMaven - 'I Had A Crush On Trish Stratus While In WWE'

Maven – ‘I Had A Crush On Trish Stratus While In WWE’



Maven recently took to his official YouTube channel to comment on Trish Stratus’ influence on women’s wrestling, the crush he had on the Hall of Famer during his time in WWE, and more.

You can check out some highlights from Maven’s latest video below:

On having a crush on Trish Stratus during his time in WWE: “Trish is, I would say, an icon when it comes to just gorgeous women that enter this business. I remember I had a little mini crush on Trish. I found myself sitting next to her on a plane, completely harmless, but for probably the better part of 10 hours, I was in that nervous anticipation you’re getting ready to go on a date. She was probably thinking of everything but that.”

On Stratus’ importance to women’s wrestling: “Trish is a sweetheart; what she meant to women’s wrestling can never be understated. I know that every female wrestler that enters this business owes her a debt. The two women that I think of when I think of women wrestling, Trish and Lita. Trish, I thank you for what you’ve meant for the world of professional wrestling and what you’ve brought to the women’s division.”

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