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Max Caster Comments On The Hardest Wrestlers To Write Rap Lyrics About & More



AEW star Max Caster of The Acclaimed was recently interviewed on the Rasslin with Brandon Walker podcast as he spoke about which AEW stars he has a tough time writing rap lyrics about, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

Max Caster on the process of putting his raps together: “That’s my job. I have to do it. There’s nothing else for me to do. When we find out we have a match, of course, I’m stretching and getting ready, the most important thing is I have a little bit of time by myself and really think about how to take apart our opponents. I’ve gotten Jungle Boy so much, that I had to come out with a new line for Jungle Boy. I said, ‘this guy probably doesn’t have pubes, I’ll say that.’ That line worked, it was pretty good. I always do have time to come up with it. I do have a document, just in case we wrestle this guy, I have some things on deck. I like being current and like current events, politics, and anything we can do to work that in, without getting me and Anthony in trouble, that’s the true skill that I have. Saying these things that are horrible, but making them fun for everybody.”

On the hardest opponents to write raps for in AEW: “At this point, it’s the Dark Order, because we’ve wrestled them so many times. I’ve gotten them in every single angle I can get them in. ‘These guys are dumb, this guy wears a wig. There is the Dark Order but no dark people in your group.’ I’ve exhausted the Dark Order so much that every time we wrestle them on Elevation or something, I and Anthony look at each other like, ‘here we go again, have to think of something completely new for Dark Order.’ Everyone else is fair game. I love being able to rip on legends. When I got Christian, that was a really popular one for me. Bryan Danielson, I said, ‘Bowen’s arms are bigger than your legs,’ and the camera zooms out to show his legs. Beautiful TV moments that we make every single week.”

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