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Max Caster Says Gunn Club Used The Acclaimed For TV Time


The Acclaimed were betrayed by Billy Gunn and The Gunn Club last week on Dynamite. Although there hasn’t been any reason for the attack, Max Caster seemingly isn’t waiting for an explanation. Caster spoke with Soundsphere about a new diss track that’s coming soon. Apparently, it has everything to do about their former partners.

“The track is DONE,” Caster said. “The song is called ‘Trash Day’ because we are gonna take out the trash when we get our hands on The Ass Boys there. I am not psyched with how that all turned out. They got a big head and used us for the TV time that we earned ourselves. Together, The Acclaimed and The Gunns were arguably the hottest thing in AEW, we were pushing ourselves to the top. They got selfish. We got them over. When we are done, I am pretty sure they are not gonna be on TV anymore.”

Although there has yet to be word on when The Acclaimed will be able to exact their revenge, fans can be sure it will at least involve a diss track at the start of it all.

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