MCW To Present Demolition With Lifetime Achievement Awards – Details Inside Here


Maryland Championship Wrestling has announced that it gave Demolition’s Ax and Smash lifetime achievement awards at their March 14th Annual Tag Wars event. The awards were presented by current MCW tag team champions Jimmy Starz & Sexy Steve, “The Hell Cats”. The event featured a variety of tag team matches. The Hell Cats defended their titles against King McBride and Ken Dixon.

Starz said: “What an amazing honor it was to invite Ax & Smash to the ring and present the awards, It was so surreal because it was Demolition that made me fall in love with Tag Team Wrestling when I was a kid.”

Steve added: “Standing in the ring and watching Ax & Smash come to the ring one more time to their ring music made me feel like a 12 year old kid again. I Broke my finger during my match but could not feel it, all that I could feel was the goose bumps I was covered in watching Demolition come to the ring.“

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