Melina Looks Back at Her Pro Wrestling Journey, Hypes NWA “Into the Fire”


Prior to Saturday night’s NWA “Into the Fire” pay-per-view event, Melina posted the following to her Instagram account. In the post, she looks back on her journey in pro wrestling. She said,

“Let me start with: WATCH @nwa’s PPV #IntoTheFire this Saturday @ 6:05pm!!! The order link is in my bio!!! I have so much to say but I have to run errands and get ready for this weekend. But 1st, feel free to swipe left and if you continue to read this… just in case you’re one of the few that assumed I came out of a magazine and into the ring back in the day (which there’s nothing wrong with! We have legends that found their wrestling calling like that so don’t try to take away anyone’s accomplishments because of it), on a Wednesday, around 1999-2000, I started wrestling at @ewfempire. I loved wrestling and I didn’t know they had classes! It never occurred to me that it could be a career! For me it was like taking a cardio class at the gym and I was doing it because I had love for it. It wasn’t to be on tv. I mean, who am I? I’m just an average girl from SoCal. There’s prettier people than me, taller, stronger, faster… there’s no way a dream like that could come true for someone like me. That’s what I thought. So you have to understand, I wasn’t out to make history, to gain approval, to be rich or famous. I loved it and wanted to see how far I could go so I could make my parents proud. Even they thought it was crazy. ?? When I got a contract, I wanted to entertain people the way I was entertained when I watched. My intentions were that simple. But the journey in fulfilling those intentions weren’t. LOL. Oh well. It was worth it because we made history. We inspired creativity & strength. It was worth it for the hearts I did touch. Even if it was only a few. I may not be everyone’s cup of tea and I may not be a favorite but I know I did my part in telling the stories that needed to be told and when it came to entertaining. I can end my career today knowing that and being secure with it.”

NWA “Into the Fire” takes place on Saturday from Atlanta, Georgia. The show will air live on FITE.TV.

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