Melina Talks Why She Stayed Away From Wrestling for Several Years


Former WWE Superstar Melina discussed her hiatus from her in-ring career after departing from WWE in a new interview with Fightful

She currently works for the NWA. Here is what she had to say: 

“What I wanted to do, because I was in a relationship at the time—I felt like I needed to cater to my relationship and I wanted to be a supportive significant other and make sure that that person’s dreams all came true and that it was about them, and it wasn’t about me. I feel like, sometimes you need a person to be the rock and the foundation and the person at home while the another one goes out, and I’m not saying it’s impossible to do that two people set out and start their dreams and they go for it at the same time. But, I feel like since my personality type tends to nurture that I was going to take that role and then go back to school and do psychology, and so that’s what I planned on doing.”

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