Melina On The WWE Locker-Room – ‘It’s Like A High School!’, & More


In an interview with The Huffington Post, Melina Perez spoke about her time in the WWE and compared the backstage atmosphere to that of a high school. Here are highlights:

On her time in WWE: “I talk to people now, and they thought I was so confident. I was doing all this awesome stuff onstage, and they didn’t realize I was going through so much loneliness and hurt backstage. It was like high school.”

On how her character affected her real life: “I’m proud of that character, then and now, because it was just a character – and she was great at being a b—h – but when it came to my personal life, it felt like everyone around me thought that’s who I was. I just felt so invisible.”

On dating in the business: “I had actual relationships — I got shamed for getting another boyfriend, and I was just trying to find love. People shame women, but then you see all these guys, and they can do whatever they want. That isn’t just in wrestling, that is life. This is the way women are seen now in general.”

On returning for a one-shot appearance for Lucha Underground: “That’s how much I did not want to go back into wrestling,” she stated. It proved to be the right choice though. The audience was so amazing, and I remembered how much I loved wrestling and being a character only I can be. I know I hold onto bad stuff, and I was trying to recover from traumas, but I missed it.”

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