Melissa Santos On Using Relationship With Brian Cage In Storylines, Working In Lucha Underground, More


Lucha Underground ring announcer Melissa Santos was recently interviewed by Women’s Wrestling Weekly to talk about several professional wrestling topics. Santos discussed her fight scene for Lucha Underground, what she hopes to see in Lucha’s next season, and working with IMPACT Wrestling. Here are some of the highlights:

Her fight scene for Lucha Underground: “We got the sign off and did some training for it, with the stunt guy and we just did it and it was cool. It was so cool. I had so much fun; I loved watching it. We basically fought all over the temple, it was really neat. I got to go through glass which by the way is sugar, guys. But it really cuts you.”

What she hopes to see in Lucha’s next season: “I would love to have something with me and Brian [Cage]. Like couples are hot in wrestling. You know the thing is when we started dating, I had already started the whole thing with Fenix and it became a popular thing. So people enjoyed watching it. I feel like they’re working that angle. I respect that. That is the creative process and somethings just have to be worked out. But hopefully in the future something can like happen.”

Working with IMPACT Wrestling: “It looks like I’ll be doing some stuff with Impact. I’m super excited. It hasn’t been officially announced. We just need to figure things out, especially since everyone is crossing over back and forth. I would love to ring announce.”

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