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NewsAEWMelissa Santos Says Her Husband Brian Cage Is Being Misused By AEW

Melissa Santos Says Her Husband Brian Cage Is Being Misused By AEW



Melissa Santos thinks her husband Brian Cage is being misused by AEW these days and she took to Twitter to comment.

The former Impact Wrestling and Lucha Underground Superstar said,

“You see, Brian Cage is a superstar. Those people who know him from indies, Impact, Lucha Underground, where I met him, know that he’s a superstar. All you have to do is Google him and watch all his matches [such as] PWG. He’s a superstar and he’s being misused right now.”

Cage has been involved in a feud with Team Taz as of late and was kicked out of the group back in July. Santos shared a screenshot from a Q&A from wrestling writer Doug Maynard, which noted that Cage is “lost in the shuffle right now in AEW. He and Powerhouse Hobbes could be an excellent tag team and Cage in his own right is a top guy in every sense of the word. AEW just hasn’t seemed to realize that yet. Hopefully, once the dust settles from all the new arrivals, Cage will get his opportunity and have a chance to shine.”

Cage took to Twitter to chime in and said while Santos agreed with Maynard’s comments, she didn’t write it herself.

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