Mercedes Martinez Confirms Injury Reports


We reported over the weekend (see below) that Mercedes Martinez suffered an injury at SHIMMER Volume 111.

Martinez took to Twitter and Facebook today, confirming the injury (bruised ribs) and thanked all of her fans for their support. She said,


“THANK YOU!!! To every single fan that have expressed concern for me in the last 24hrs. I cant imagine what everyone was thinking while watching LIVE in person or on fite TV. TRUST….I’m a strong and resilient wrestler and can take a beating and keep ticking, but sometimes your body just had enough and needs a breather. Yes, I couldnt breathe Yes, I lost feeling in my face Yes, my whole entire left side of my body was in shock and unbearable pain No, I never thought I would be carried out of the ring as every wrestler ALWAYS wants to be able to walk out on their own. HOWEVER, even in tears, in pain, and the occasional laugh bc lexie Fyfe or melissa tried to cheer me up….I can hear you, the fans!! The overwhelming chants of my name. It’s a scary moment when u think everything u worked hard for comes crashing down in a split second. U take it in, soak it up and try not to overthink the negative. Positive thinking goes a long way….. With that being said, my official diagnosis is: Bruised ribs. Which I told the dr “thank u for making my day bc I can still wrestle!!” To which he replied: “u need to rest up and see how u feel. There will be no person being thrown on top of u for awhile.”….and some other stuff which I can read on my medical sheet,Hehe…. my reply, “doc, i got u!! I’ll be the 1 throwing other ppl on top of ppl instead. No worries, I’ll follow what u say.” Needless to say, I had a cool doc and I’m still as sarcastic and funny. In all seriousness and from my humble heart of Rican awesomeness: Thank you. To buying merch, to supporting me, and giving me another reason to keep doing what I love…..each and every fan out there has touched my heart and it humbled me even more. But dont think I’m soft!! I’m still a badass!! — mercedes”

ORIGINAL: Shannon Walsh reported the following, revealing that Mercedes Martinez appeared to have been injured at a SHIMMER event on Sunday. She said,

“This looks bad. Shimmer has been delayed.

It was Mercedes Martinez and Cheerleader Melissa vs. DASH Chisako and Hiroyo Matsumoto.

Matsumoto powerbomed Melissa right on top of Martinez. DASH was waiting to come off the top with a frog splash but Martinez was clearly hurt.

Dash waited up on top then came down to carefully go for a pin, but Martinez brushed her off.

The match ended in a DQ when Melissa hit DASH with a chair.

Mercedes was not moving but holding her side. Rise owner Kevin Harvey and Lexie Fyfe came out very concern to see what was going.

Lenny Leonard sounded somber and said they were going to a break instead of focusing on the situation.

They are still not back live at 4:15pm EST. They have been showing past Shimmer matches on FITE.

Main event for SHIMMER 111 is supposed to be Nicole Savoy vs. Allysin Kay”

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