Mercedes Martinez

Mercedes Martinez Says She Wants To Be The Best Wrestler To Go Through WWE


During a recent interview with Solo Wrestling, Mercedes Martinez commented on her goals in WWE, why she chose to sign with WWE, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On the value of NXT and if it’s helping to professionalize the independent wrestling industry: “Definitely. I think getting to the Performance Center and NXT changes the way you think and train. In the independent ones you are most of the time on your own with your training, your diet and your routine. You practically learn everything in the process. When you get to the Performance Center everything is structured and that benefits you a lot because you are in a dedicated center to become a professional fighter, you have all those legends with you and they are available to teach you to acquire more knowledge and experience. No matter how much time you have spent in the independents, you will always be learning and that is one of the benefits I love about the Performance Center. I can go there to train daily, take the workouts that I need and that benefit me, and it is not only lifting weights, but also strength, flexibility and mobility. You have doctors pending in case an injury occurs, it really is one of the best things I have experienced and it really benefits anyone who is here.”


On why she chose WWE: ““I think WWE is the goal of the whole world. My main goal was always to get to WWE, but I didn’t really know if I would be able to do it after 20 years in the business. It is one of those things that you leave in the background, of the type ‘it will happen when it has to happen’, so you look for other objectives like fighting abroad or in other companies. But when WWE contacted me, I didn’t hesitate to sign the contract. I did not hesitate to sign on the dotted line even without knowing the conditions (laughs). It’s always the goal, and even if it isn’t, if I hadn’t signed with WWE, I knew I was going to keep fighting for a couple more years. My career was ending and this was an opportunity that I had to take, an opportunity that I really needed. It is the culmination of everything that I have been working on and it is something that reached almost my 20 years as a fighter.”

On her goal in WWE: “The main goal for me is to cement my legacy, not to be considered one of the best, but the best wrestler in WWE, and it does not matter if it is on NXT, Raw or SmackDown. My goal is to be considered the best wrestler that went through WWE. That is what I am trying to do now and this Sunday will be the first step towards achieving that goal. I have demonstrated this with my legacy and now I am on another platform for the world to see what I am capable of. But at the end of the day I want to be a ‘Hall of Famer’, I want to be the best champion in WWE history and that when you think of women’s wrestling my name is a synonym. I want to be with the legends that have preceded me so far.”

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