Mercedes Mone Reveals Her Future Plans – ‘It Just Depends On The Bag’


Mercedes Mone currently works for New Japan Pro Wrestling and reins as their IWGP Women’s Champion.

Speaking during a recent Q&A with Leva Bates at Planet Comicon 2023 in Kansas City, MO, the champ talked about what it’s like to wrestle for NJPW while also being a free agent at the same time.


Additionally, the former Sasha Banks discussed what she has planned for the upcoming year, which she says is all going to depend on where the “bag” (money) is at.

You can check out some highlights from the Q&A session below:

On wrestling for NJPW and being a free agent: “It’s still kind of surreal to me. I just, I never expected to be in a different company. But I really want to make this something so special, and I really want to take this title all over the world and defend it everywhere, not just in New Japan. Because I’m a free agent. I can do whatever I want to, be wherever I want, any time I want, any company I want. It just depends on the bag, it depends on the bag, and the money. So I’m just I’m taking a list, I’m checking it twice.. and that’s the beautiful thing about being free. I get to do everything you get to have many friends, and have funds come from many, many places.”

On her goals for the coming year: “My goal this year is to really take this [title] everywhere, and to see who’s the best out there in the world… there’s so many talented women’s wrestlers that I want to have the opportunity to wrestle. I’m just waiting for them to step up to the plate and challenge Mercedes Mone. Because I’m ready to defend this, for real everywhere. So that’s that’s on my bucket list this year. And to win more titles all over the world, to keep on acting. I just signed with UTA, so just to do more, hopefully more, with The Mandalorian and Star Wars on Disney+. I hope to be a part of that family forever, because they’re just so incredible.

“I shot my first movie in October, so I’m looking forward to that coming out. But with acting, you just have to wait. Because you have to wait for like a whole year for production and for editing. So there’s going to be a lot in the future, I can’t say much. But more with that, and modeling and just keep on growing. And I just want to keep on expanding my businesses and keep on being the CEO of everything.”

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