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Mia Friday Discusses Wrestling at 15-Years-Old, Dream Matches, and Balancing School


Earlier this week, Powerbomb Post earned the opportunity to speak with rising independent star Mia Friday. Friday began training with Lion Pride Sports in Bryan, Texas. Trained by Houston Carson, as a fourteen-year-old girl, Friday would make her professional wrestling debut in a tag team match alongside The Mountain, where they were victorious. In this interview, Annabelle Vasquez speaks with Friday about her time in the industry, her future dream matches, and her ability to balance work and school.

When discussing her willingness to begin training at an early age, Friday would state:

“I think it’s because the opportunity was presented right there. It just made sense to me. I never thought for a second like ‘I am too young to do this’ or ‘I can’t do this.’ I always thought it was my dream, and I had to go after it.”

In referencing the mentally taxing balance between her personal and professional lives, Friday stated:

“The biggest setback is definitely balancing school and wrestling because currently, I am in a college credit high school where I graduate with my associate’s degree, then I train 3-4 days a week, then I am trying to do this rock band thing. It is a lot to juggle to have a normal teenage girl life. And put in the full time you need in the ring. As long as you just manage your time wisely and have a nice plan set out, you can manage it all.”

Moving on from the present to the future, Friday shared with Powerbomb Post her biggest dream matches, stating:

“There are too many! My biggest dream match is me versus Sasha Banks at WrestleMania. There’s a gigantic pool of great women wrestlers that I want to face. I just really want to get out there and work with everyone because everyone has a different style. You could learn something different from each person you could work with.”

Specifically targeting the independent scene, Friday discussed her love for one certain performer:

“Definitely Thunder Rosa! I got to meet her when I went to train at Dog Pound and she is such an inspiration. She works so hard! I would love to work with her. She and all the girls at Mission Pro are doing cool things. I would definitely love to work there and get out with all of them.”

Friday had no shortage of words on the impact that Thunder Rosa has had on her career. You can check out the rest of the interview here on Powerbomb Post. Check out the video rendition of the interview here:

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