Mia Yim Comments on Facing Racism


NXT’s Blasian Baddie, Mia Yim is very proud of her biracial heritage.  Recently, she was asked by a fan on Twitter about facing racial prejudice throughout her life. Here are the heartbreaking details the HBIC shared:

“All the time. I grew up being called the n-word or the ch word. Rocks been thrown at me, I had to fight (literally) bc I was different. I wasn’t accepted bc I’m mixed. Being older now, I’m proud of what I am.”

Shelton Benjamin also tweeted in support of Mia in response to a fan’s remarks about her body:

“WTF So you define black women By the shape of their buttons? I’m sure all the sisters appreciate your perspective and are lining up. [Grow] up or shut up or both.”


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