Michael Bay Clarifies His Comment About The Rock


UPDATE x 2: Michael Bay wants y’all to chill out. As you know, the Pain & Gain director said in a video interview that The Rock needed to “grow up and stop wrestling 300 pound men” after missing the film’s premiere due to his WrestleMania injury. Apparently that incensed some people, as Bay felt the need to address the situation on his official website, posting:

“Wrestling fans, it was a joke said on Entertainment Tonight–with a laugh. You can see the clip for yourselves. The most important person to see the on-air joke was Dwayne. I love seeing The Rock wrestle. I hope he wrestles 10 more years. I joked on air because Dwayne was not at our LA premiere due to his injury.”

Ahh, the old “it was just a joke” excuse.

UPDATE: As reported earlier, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was forced to miss Monday night’s Los Angeles premiere of his latest film, Pain & Gain, due to an emergency hernia operation earlier in the day. Speaking to E! Online on the red carpet, movie director Michael Bay suggested the injury stemmed from Johnson’s wrestling exploits.

“He was pushing it too hard,” Bay said. “[He] needs to grow up and stop wrestling 300-pound men.”

Johnson responded to Bay’s remark via Twitter this afternoon, writing, “Funny sh*t! Michael Bay joked I should stop wrestling 300lb men. I agree – I’ll switch to women. #ALLPainNOGain.”

Triple H also responded with the following tweet of his own:

“@Loug30: @TripleH @StephMcMahon @JRsBBQ Michael Bay saying @TheRock needs to grow up, and stop wrestling 300 pound men?” Who’s 300lbs???

ORIGINAL: The Rock had to miss the LA premiere of Pain and Gain, due to having surgery to repair the torn abdominal muscles from his WrestleMania match with John Cena. At the premiere, director Michael Bay commented on The Rock, stating the following…

“He was pushing it too hard. He needs to grow up and stop wrestling 300-pound men.”

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