Michael Cole Gives High Praise To Pat McAfee, Discusses His Hearing Loss


During a recent appearance on “The Press Box”, WWE SmackDown commentator Michael Cole commented on suffering from hearing loss and how he deals with it, what it’s like working with Pat McAfee, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On dealing with his hearing loss issues: “Yeah, I need to hear myself when I broadcast, and it has to be loud. I think over 25 years of doing that, it’s just deteriorated the hearing where I have these special molds that have been made for me that go into my ears, that I wear my headsets over, and it increases the volume of what I can hear during the show. So they’re almost like hearing aids for ringside commentators.”

On working with Pat McAfee: “He is the most energetic and enthusiastic person I’ve ever been around. He makes everyone around him better. He makes everybody around him want to enjoy the product. Pat and I have developed an insane amount of chemistry. I hired Pat five years ago to do some panel work for NXT pre-shows, brought him on board last year, and knew he was going to be a huge hit. I was shocked that he actually wanted to come work for us and work with me.

“He’s just an incredible guy to work with. He’s a fan, and you can tell that he’s a fan when you listen to him. He’s just so over the top and so excited and so energetic. He’s the classic extrovert, and I’m the classic introvert, and that’s why it works so well together and we’ve become so extremely close.”

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