Michelle McCool Undergoes Surgery Today, Naomi News


— According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, WWE has already spent over $40 million on developing the WWE Network. They are looking for 1-2 million subscribers to the Network by the end of the year and that would mean they would almost break even. The main concern is going to be lost pay-per-view revenue.

— WWE.com is currently running a poll asking their fans if they think Big E. Langston has the potential to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion one day. As of this writing, over 70% of the fans say “yes.”

— As noted earlier here on the website, WWE Diva Naomi was in Tampa, FL on Friday filming her first music video titled “Bye Bye.” The video will be released shortly. For those wondering, her tag-team partner Cameron was not in attendance at the shoot.

— Former WWE Diva and The Undertaker’s real-life wife Michelle McCool underwent surgery on her wrist on Friday. McCool tweeted: