Mick Foley Believes Sabu Hasn’t Received The “Accolades” He Deserves


WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley hopes to one day see fellow hardcore aficionado Sabu receive the credit he deserves.

Entering the wrestling business in the mid-80s under the tutelage of his uncle Ed ‘The Sheik’ Farhat, Sabu is best known for his time in ECW, but also competed for WWE and FMW.


During a recent episode of his “Foley is Pod” podcast, Mick spoke highly of the extreme legend. He said.

“Sabu is another guy I’d like to see get his accolades. It’s just a shame that when the only crime — the only thing Sabu ever did was get older. A lot of the people who were on the bandwagon see him, you know, he hasn’t gone on to be part of people’s childhoods the way that we had the opportunity to, so the wave of popularity goes from here, then there’s a big downturn and then one day when Halloween, you realize that people are dressing up like you for Halloween. You’re no longer irrelevant. You’re now part of people’s childhoods.

“Also, he didn’t have a chance to endear himself to people. I understand why he didn’t speak. He was the nephew of The Sheik, and The Sheik, I don’t think, spoke and if he did, it was rarely. It was never more than a few words. He was sticking to that character.”

Foley added that many legends have been able to use comedy to connect with audiences as they’ve gotten older, including Ric Flair and D-Generation X.

Last month it was reported that a “serious medical emergency” at a convention resulted in Sabu being taken to a nearby medical facility.

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