Mick Foley Believes Seth Rollins vs. Logan Paul May ‘Steal The Show’ At WrestleMania 39


During a recent edition of “Foley Is Pod,” WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley commented on why he believes Logan Paul vs. Seth Rollins could “steal the show” at WrestleMania 39 (Night One) later tonight.

Additionally, the Hardcore Legend discussed why he prefers a two-day WrestleMania, and more.


You can check out some highlights from the podvast below:

On why he prefers a two-day Wrestlemania: “I am looking forward to a really great ‘Mania. I’ve gone on record as saying, I really like the two-day event as opposed to the one day. Reason being, by the time the average fan gets to Wrestlemania, they’ve been to at least five events. And they’re almost wrestled out, which makes it almost impossible to have that magic moment in the main event of Wrestlemania, because the fans are burnt. And now, instead of one seven-hour show, I think you get two three and a half hour shows. It’s just as must-see. Obviously good for everyone, good for the city, good for the venue, good for WWE, good for the fans. And you have that bonafide chance to have the magic Wrestlemania moment in the main event.”

On Logan Paul vs Seth Rollins possibly stealing the show: “They do. I mean, we’re all adults here. So we know that there’s gonna be some … thought… that goes into that match. Y’know, it is a great quality to be able to go out there and wing it, and call it in the ring, but it’s also a great quality to be able to do the Catholic Mass in Latin. But it doesn’t really mean as much anymore? It’s kind of a lost art.”

On why it doesn’t matter “how you cross the finish line”: “I’ve said this in my Santa memoir, comparing the real bearded Santas and the theatrical Santas. I said in the end, it doesn’t matter how you get to the finish line, it’s getting there. And I used as an example, The Rock and Steve Austin threw two of the best punches in the business. I said to Hunter one day, we were at the monitor, I said. Hunter, you’ve worked with both Steve and Rock. He goes, yes? What’s the main difference between them? He said “Steve’s punches hurt like hell, and Rock’s don’t hurt at all.” And I said, that’s exactly what I was thinking! Y’know, there were other differences, obviously. That was the main difference. But they both got there! They both looked great, they both got over the finish line, in great fashion.”

On the qualities of Rollins and Paul: “It is in the end giving the fans the best match they can have. And whether some work goes into that or not, I don’t really care. And none of us really should. I think Seth is such a master, “The Architect” was a great name for him, not as great as Seth “Freakin’” Rollins. This character of his is just incredible. Just incredible, I love the character. The athleticism of both guys is off the charts. Leadership of Rollins. I think it could be an excellent match, potential show-stealer.”

On if perhaps Becky Lynch and Rollins push each other to be better: “I honestly think that there is a very good, positive, a little bit of a competition in that family. I believe, I haven’t asked Becky about this, but we are going to have a talk. Maybe I’ll throw it out there, like… I think they push each other to be better. Great quality.”

On if losing to a celebrity could hurt Rollins: “You still have some of the old school guys that will tell you to this day that you can’t lose on TV. Guess what, I saw Sami Zayn lose to Johnny Knoxville one Mania ago. That loss didn’t hurt him at all. It may have hurt him if he hadn’t backed it up with phenomenal stuff. So if Sami can lose to Johnny Knoxville, there you go.”

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