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NewsMick Foley & Chavo Guerrero React To CM Punk's Return To WWE

Mick Foley & Chavo Guerrero React To CM Punk’s Return To WWE



Mick Foley believes CM Punk’s return to WWE will only help to elevate the current talent in the company.

Speaking on a recent edition of WWE’s “The Bump,” the WWE Hall of Famer commented on the value CM Punk brings with him. He said,

“I remember getting a text from Punk when he left after the Rumble. He was upset, and he and I were pretty close back then. He said, ‘I’ve realized the only way to really make it there, to earn your respect, is to go somewhere else, and then come back.’”

He continued, “He did. It was what, nine years ago? Ten years next month. He’s bigger than ever. No denial of his talent, and that he is going to raise people. People are going to want to not only hang with him, but whether they realize it or not, impress him, and that’s how levels get raised.”

Chavo Guerrero has also shared his thoughts on CM Punk’s return to WWE.

Speaking on a recent edition of the “Rumor & Innuendo” podcast, Guerrero commented on the reaction to CM Punk’s return, WWE being able to put their differences aside to make money, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On WWE bringing Punk back: “WWE is very, very good at putting differences aside and making those dollars. And if you look at the response that Punk got coming back. I remember people saying, should he go back? Should he not go back? Everybody is gonna have an opinion on it. But when it comes down to the dollar signs, it was a pretty good decision. Whether it plays out? Whether it pans out? We’ll have to see in the future.”

On the reaction to Punk’s return: “When he first went to AEW, what a great acquisition it was for them. Did it last? No. Did it kind of flounder? Okay. Yeah, sure. But then him going to WWE is like, wow. And the reaction from Seth Rollins and all the guys in the ring. It was like, was that a work? Is that a shoot? What’s going on? They’re working all of us. It was awesome. So I was a big fan. Everyone was like, oh my god, I can’t believe he came back. So I definitely can see it, for sure. That’s been their MO forever. You got Hogan leaving the company and coming back. Macho never went back, but NWO leaving, and really, Vince was almost put out of business by WCW, almost, and then to see him triumph and come back and change his product and pivot and let you know that they’re even bigger than they’ve ever been. So, they’re very, very good at, as I said, putting the differences aside and just making money.”

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