Mick Foley Comments on the Reaction to the 24/7 Championship Reveal


Last night, Mick Foley revealed the brand new WWE 24/7 Championship. The new Championship, which is definitely designed to spotlight some deserving and underutilized talent, was met with a tepid response at best from the live crowd in Albany New York, with some even booing the Hardcore Legend.

The Pope Elijah Burke took to Twitter in defense of Mick Foley saying that after re-watching the promo, he couldn’t figure out why the crowd was booing.


Mick Foley, being a true professional, accepted responsibility for the crowd reaction. Probably would even go on to admit that perhaps they were just expecting the return of the classic Hardcore Championship:

“Pope – I think the crowd was hoping for the return of the classic Hardcore Title. Thanks for the compliment, but I felt like I came up pretty short on that promo. No one’s fault but my own.”

What do you think, is Mick Foley right to accept responsibility? Sound off on your opinion regarding all things related to the WWE 24/7 Championship in the comments section below

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