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Mick Foley Confirms he Wasn’t Happy with His 24/7 Promo, and More


During a recent interview with the Sunday Night Main Event podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley commented on his 24/7 Championship announcement, working with scripts in WWE and more. You can check out some highlights and audio from the interview below:

On if he is given scripts: “Yeah, sometimes I am handed a script. And it is difficult, because my memory is not what it used to be. It’s, you know, it’s a different process. Guys don’t just show up — the days when I just said ‘Hey, trust me on this’ are largely over.”

On whether the segment was hurt by the championship not being the Hardcore Title: “Well I felt the buzz growing, you know, especially when I, you know, the promo is based around the parts that I didn’t forget, were based around that being champion was [an] around-the-clock job. You don’t just train as a champion, wrestle the champion. The moment I said, ‘It’s 24 hours a day, seven days a week,’ I felt that buzz. At that point if I had pulled out anything but the Hardcore Title, it was going to be a big letdown. So when I pulled out this new title belt, I felt all the oxygen leave the room.”

On what he knew about the 24/7 Championship going in: “Oh well, they brought up that they wanted to make the show a little more fun. We understood that it couldn’t be the Hardcore Title, you can’t do the things that we use to do to each other in this current era. And I thought it sounded like fun, like, I was in. And I get asked about things that I don’t [want to do]. You know, it’s like, ‘No, this doesn’t sound like the right fit.’ And this one did sound like fun. So much so that I was going to go to London — not London Ontario, either, but the United Kingdom. And this was one week after I would have returned from doing a few appearances for the Undertaker in the UK. So I was all in.”

On his promo introducing the title: “I wasn’t happy with my promo. I thought it was the worst promo I’ve given in-ring in many — well I guess there were a couple of worse ones when I was GM. As far as the one offs, I think it was the worst I’ve done in a number of years. But I still saw it, even when there was backlash against the title, that people were going to get into the spirit of it, and it was going to be a fun part of the show. And I think that is the case.”

(h/t 411 Wrestling)

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