Mick Foley Deactivates His Twitter Account, Elias Reacts to Working Empty Arena Shows


WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley has deactivated his Twitter account.

Xavier Woods recently spoke with BBC, commenting on how WWE could help make eSports bigger.


During a recent interview with ABC 6, Elias commented on working empty arena shows, and more. He said,

“It’s definitely different. A lot of us (superstars) trained in the Performance Center. I worked in the PC for about three years and it’s nothing different for me. It’s about focusing all your efforts on the other wrestler, opposed to the crowd that isn’t there right now.”

Thursday night’s Labor of Love on FOX drew 1.129 million viewers, up from 909,000 viewers for the premiere episode. The show features former WWE Superstar Matt Striker.

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