Mick Foley Discusses Donating His Brain For Study, More


The Star Tribune recently interviewed Mick Foley. Below are some highlights.

Foley on the number of concussions he had during his career: “Unfortunately, I had too many for me to count really.”

Foley on if he was ever approached to donate his brain for study: “I have been approached. These are some tough questions here. You see how quickly I did those autographs? We got through a few hundred people fairly quickly. Signing my name on that form to donate my brain took a long time. It’s a big step, but if other people can learn from what I’ve done, I’m willing to do it. I believe as long as I can continue to say the words Boston Center for Traumatic Encephalopathy that my brain is still working OK.”

On his tolerance for pain: “You’ve got to make sure we talk about that in past tense. I did have a tremendous tolerance for pain. Now, not so much. Almost anything [brings me to my knees now]. I’m a guy who used to be fairly fearless. Now, please don’t tell me I have to walk down a flight of steps. [Wrestling] was tough on the body, the knee joints, the back, and so stairs are difficult.”

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