Mick Foley Discusses His Daughter Training To Become A Pro Wrestler, Giving Advice, & More News


In an interview with The Monitor, Mick Foley gave his thoughts on the idea of his daughter Noelle training to be a wrestler. Here are highlights:

On his comedy shows: “It’s not a traditional stand-up comedy show; it’s more like a one-man show, a spoken word show where I use stories from throughout my career to entertain people. It’s just me in a rental car. Most of them will make the audience laugh, but the stories don’t have to be funny — I’m not going on any kind of ‘laugh per minute’ ratio like other comics may have.”

On his daughter Noelle training to become a wrestler: “Well, I’m a concerned dad, you know, and I don’t want her to go through some of the things I did because it’ll mark you physically and emotionally. But I want to be supportive — I want to support anything she does and the best way to ensure having a falling out with your family is trying to force your will on other grown adults.”

On his advice for aspiring wrestlers: “Yeah, probably stay in school. To quote Apollo Creed, ‘Be a thinker, not a stinker.’ It’s really difficult so the chances and likelihood of actually making it are remote, so anyone really serious about training they should know the realities and be as safe as they can and try to appreciate everything they can while it’s taking place.”

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