Mick Foley Discusses the WWE Creative Team and the 24/7 Title


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Mick Foley openly discussed the unveiling of the WWE 24/7 championship during an appearance on Busted Open Radio. Foley, who had a bad experience unveiling the WWE Universal Championship as well describes what he feels was wrong in the eyes of the audience, saying they were simply looking for a return of the Hardcore Championship and nothing else:

“The title design was the least of the issues. Look, no matter what you pull out, I was there when Stephanie McMahon and I pulled out the WWE Universal title and the crowd, who needed a rest at that point, they were like five-and-a-half hours into a six-hour show or seven-hour show at SummerSlam a few years ago just spent the rest of the match chanting how the belt was stupid. The only thing stupid about it in their opinion was that it was red, so no matter what you pull out of there unless it was that old Hardcore title, is going to be met with disinterest.”

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Mick Foley also discussed the WWE Creative Team, which his son Dewey happens to be a member of. Mick Foley was very empathetic for those involved on the creative team, even going so far as to say he tried to talk his something out of taking the job:

“Given that my son is on the team and I know how hard he works, I had tried to talk to him out of the job. I told him that you are not going to go in there and write the show, you are going to find out what kind of cream Ed Koskey likes in his coffee, and he did. He went through that process with the note-taking. It is elaborate note-taking.
“Back in my day, as we say, we had bullet points and we did really good. I still think that this is what I have said several times that scripted promos may not hurt that night’s promo but once you relieve the wrestlers the need to think for themselves 24/7, I believe it hurts every single promo because the characters are not as authentic to themselves. Sometimes the greatest promos that have ever been delivered were scripted, but I think it was scripted for the guys that were in the groove had hit their stride and had been thinking for themselves for years. I think there is a time and a place for it, but I just don’t think that it is every time and every place and I do think there are too many cooks in the kitchen.”


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