Mick Foley & Dr. Tom Prichard Remember Paul Bearer


— Here is a recap of Mick Foley’s comedy tour in Louisville on Wednesday courtesy of Brandon Ables & Prowrestling.net

The comedy caravan was sold out with a waiting list of people, I would say about 250-275 in attendance. There were about three guys that went before Mick that was ok but nothing to special. Mick came out wearing what looked to be pajamas and said when he’s not working with WWE he wears comfortable clothing, not slacks and a jacket. He told many stories of being on the road and what not and didn’t actually tell one joke.

Foley mentioned Paul Bearer and echoed what many have said in that we lost a great man. The night ended with a Q&A with Foley, Rip Rogers, and Nick “Eugene” Dinsmore. Nick told one really disturbing story of being in a brothel overseas and some hooker using a sex toy on him! All in all, the night was pretty great hearing some stories from an all time great. Foley said he’d be returning to Louisville in six months to a year. If he comes close to you he is defiantly worth picking up a ticket and going to see. He did say that he is the new manager for Saturday Morning Slam.

— Former WWE agent and trainer, Dr. Tom Prichard, has a brand new website up at DrTomPrichard.com. In the coming months, Dr. Tom will be adding many new features to the site, but as always, he’ll continue posting his regular blogs that have become quite a popular attraction in the past year.

Dr. Tom just posted his latest blog about the untimely passing of his friend, Bill Moody (aka Paul Bearer). Here is a small snippet of the column:

“And now he’s gone. I have to admit I heard about Percy’s death Wednesday morning when my wife woke me up telling me it was all over Facebook. I couldn’t believe it. There’s no way! He’s too important to too many people. This can’t be happening! All the good guys are leaving.

I was warned. This may be the last time to get to see some of these guys? But certainly I’ll see Percy again! He’s getting the Lou Thesz award at the Cauliflower Alley club next month!

I texted a friend to find out if he knew what happened. Seems a blood clot was the cause. I was still in a state of shock. He just had the flu. We can’t lose another one. There’s not many left who loved the business the same way. Percy was a fan growing up watching and dreaming. His dreams became a reality and surpassed anything anyone could imagine. He was a great guy with a great heart.

His wife Dianna had passed away years ago and by his posts and messages it was obvious he loved and missed her dearly. I don’t know where or what brings some people to have such strong faith but it was evident with Percy. There are more than enough people who profess one thing and do another but William Moody practiced what he preached. He didn’t beat you over the head with his beliefs but he did walk the walk.

It’s funny and enlightening at times when I encounter people I worked with or had an acquaintance with over the years. We seem to have that unspoken bond of going through the same experiences in different ways. We traveled the same roads but had different spots on the card. Some guys liked to segregate then as well as now, while others understood we all traveled the same distance to get where we are and there was no reason to be a dick about it! Percy and the Undertaker were always class acts.”

To read the full blog: visit DrTomPrichard.com. Also, Dr. Tom is available for appearances and interviews by emailing [email protected]

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