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Mick Foley – ‘I Am A Swiftie Without Actually Being A Taylor Swift Fan’



Mick Foley has become a “Swiftie,” the nickname used for fans who are into Taylor Swift’s music.

Speaking on a recent edition of his “Foley Is Pod” show, the WWE Hall of Famer revealed that Taylor Swift has won him over with her positivity at NFL games. For those unaware, Swift has been attending Kansas City Chiefs games over the past two weeks to support her boyfriend, Travis Kelce. The Hardcore Legend said,

“I really enjoyed the whole Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce thing. This is why I asked Grillo and we can check in maybe the Swifties can let us know. Can you become a Swiftie without actually being a fan of Taylor Swift’s music? Is that possible? She has won me over just with her ebullience. We prize facial expressions in the wrestling business. These are all candid shots. It’s not like she’s at a photo session. Every facial expression is a winner.”

He continued, “I think she just brings a real positivity, it just makes me laugh. I don’t dislike her music, but I certainly wouldn’t label myself a fan. I just really enjoyed seeing how much fun she had at that game and just have always thought she was a real positive person. So I am a Swiftie without actually being a Taylor Swift fan, if that makes any sense.”

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