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Mick Foley Moments



Mick Foley Moments

I was just listening to the new podcast between Steve Austin and Mick Foley, after listening t the full show i realised as Mick was talking that the hall of fame, or the titles he’s won does not want to be the legacy he left behind, i believe it is the memories and “moments” that mean the most to Mick. 

Mick will always be known as a respected, Polite, genuinely good person, but i do have to write this subjectively. Its not often that a wrestler or superstar can make a moment that exceeds the wrestling world and go into main stream media and etched into the brains of wrestling fans and non wrestling fans alike. Of course i am talking about the hell in the cell at bad blood 1997. I believe this moment means alot to Mick but has become somewhat a bitter sweet moment. Mick has stated on several interviews that the moment follows him from air ports down to shopping with his family as most people who meet Mick want to talk about it with him. As I listen to Mick speak, I feel that in his own mind that moment defined his career and wouldn’t like to admit it but be all he is remembered for. some people that may be the case, but to true fans who lived through the Mick Foley era and those who regularly visit past wrestling memories this is definitely not the case.

As a man with massive range from making you laugh as dude love or the commissioner, made you fearful as man kind, or doubt his sanity with cactus Jack even down to knowing that he was 100 percent genuine as himself Mick Foley the character you always knew that a memory or a “Moment” was just around the corner.

As listen to Mick speak I feel that he believes that only his big moments are remembered and not the nuances that Mick can bring like his 3 faces of Foley promo against triple h in 1998, or his interview with Jim Ross which he called his “made it moment” in WWE or his plunge from the top of the Cell are the first memories that spring to mind. after speaking with friends and fellow fans, we appreciate Mick Foley for much more than that, for his timing as commissioner where he could make you smile and cut you off with a serious tone and show his authority. For his return to referee a hell in the cell match between Kevin Nash and triple h where he wouldn’t stay down and always count to three. Or his fantastic promo with Ric flair in TNA which made you excited for a match in which TNA did not even feel to promote as a major PPV match. 

His ECW promos was how to talk in wrestling 101, in a company which was swamped in excellent stick men Mick still stood out from the crowd. he has the ability to use person feelings into his work and make it meaningful as he did with the “cane Dewey” sign by a fan who completely forgot that the wrestler he is watching is a person with a heart bigger than most.

At times moments have bombed that looked fantastic on paper, this is your life with John Cena as an example. but most of all you know that when Mick came to speak on the microphone to ryback, cm punk, edge when he was facing undertaker in the hell in the cell that you was going to get a to the point, meaningful and caring effort whether you saw it as a success, or not.

Mick Foley’s legacy will always be known as a must see guy when stood in the ring whether it was with a microphone in his hand or his boots laced up. Mick has not only  been etched into the tablet of WWE but into annals of wrestling as a whole

I’m interested in knowing your favourite Mick Foley moment, or if you agree with me at all.

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