Mick Foley On Being So Outspoken, Sheamus/Pizza Boxes


— WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley recently did an interview with RVAMag.com regarding being so outspoken about Daniel Bryan. He said:

“You know what, this is the truth. I’m not pandering to Virginia right now. Not that I’m above it, but I’m not right now. I was helping my son with his Civil War homework. Luckily, unlike almost everything else my kids study in school, I do know a lot about the Civil War. When Robert E. Lee’s name came up, I said that one of the things that made him a great general was that when he signed the treaty at Appomattox Court House, he knew that the gig was up. He knew when to surrender. Literally, that night, I thought I should be like Robert E. Lee, because to fight this thing would just drag myself and the people who like me down. I’ve decided instead to look all of the positives that WWE has to offer instead of being this voice crying out in the darkness about the way I think things should be run. Besides, there’s a good chance they’ll turn it around. If they do and WrestleMania ends in 75,000 people on their feet chanting “Yes! Yes!”, I’ll be the first one to admit I was wrong.”

— WWE released the following video featuring Sheamus promoting WWE’s new relationship with General Mills. The WWE Superstar will be appearing on more than 15 million boxes of Totino’s pizza rolls and party pizzas:

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