​Mick Foley Praises The Opening Segment Of RAW


Mick Foley has posted a new Facebook blog,
discussing the opening segment to last night’s RAW. Here is what he had to


How good
was that BrayWyatt children’s choir creepy sing-along last night on RAW?? So
good that I wish I’d thought of it back during my original WWE feud with The
Undertaker. I have become a HUGE Bray Wyatt fan, and consider any comparison
between Bray and anything I did in my career as a big compliment.

As many
of you know, I have also been a vocal supporter of John Cena. I genuinely like
John as a person, and have defended him many times as a wrestler. It’s easy to
defend Cena against the looping haymakers thrown by most detractors: he can’t
wrestle, he has only three moves, he’s been carried by great opponents. But
there’s this one knock on Cena for which I have no defense. It’s not a looping
haymaker, that can be seen, countered and sent right back at the claimant. No,
it’s more like a stiff jab that sneaks through even the best pro-Cena defense. A
stiff jab of honesty from which there is no countering, avoiding or evading. A
stiff jab that continually states that the Cena character is stale. I agree,
It’s time for a change.

Bray Wyatt has a chance to be the initiator of
that change. A chance to show the world a different Cena; a desperate,
dangerous, angry Cena. He’s half-way there. Cena’s blaming of the WWE Universe
for putting him in an impossible situation was a good start. His look of
disbelief and defeat as Bray Wyatt gently rocked that mask-wearing child was
powerful in its believability and subtlety. But, as good as it was, I could not
fully enjoy the brilliant, chilling segment – one of the most memorable things
I’ve seen on Raw in tears, because of …because of…because of those WRISTBANDS!
Because of those wristbands…and the HAT! Because of those wristbands, and the
hat…and the bright green FLOURESCENT SHIRT!

I LIKE John Cena – but
everytime he raised his hand and put it to his head last night, I couldn’t help
but feel “he’s trying to sell me something”. Every time he waved his cap, I
thought, “he’s trying to sell me a hat.” Every time he walks through that
curtain, I get the feeling he’s trying to sell me something. I could not, and
can not completely enjoy this amazing groundwork that Bray Wyatt is in the
process of laying down, unless I’m convinced that it is bringing out a different
side…a change.. in John Cena. In order for John Cena to start completely SELLING
ME on a change in his character, he’s got to be willing to stop SELLING ME his
merchandise every time he raises his hand.

In the short run, it will cost
both John Cena and the WWE some money in merchandise. In the long run, its going
to give Cena a much needed twist to his character, and more importantly, allow
Bray Wyatt to make WWE some serious money by putting butts in seats, and
eyeballs in front of the WWE Network for a long time to come.

change I can believe in.

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