​Mick Foley Reacts To Batista ‘Quitting’, Talks John Cena


WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley
posted the following reaction to Batista “quitting” WWE on Twitter last

Speaking of Mick Foley, he
recently spoke with with Pro Wrestling Mania, here are the

His Comedy
I try to nip the idea of standup at the start because
wrestling fans are interested in hearing me tell stories about my career.
They’re not interested in hearing me tell setups and punch lines. So I try my
best to assure them that I will not be telling jokes, but that I will be telling
stories. So the inspiration came from the very first day that I read the first
chapter out loud to some of my co-workers in the dressing room. Once I found out
that I could get the same reaction from listeners that which I thrived on in
front of wrestling fans, I realized I may have an entirely new way of connecting
with an audience.

On John Cena: I pulled John Cena,
Jr. aside at a recent show and asked “How would you feel about me having your
dad come onstage to reprise his role from that night?” And John looked at me and
he said “Please…” and then he hesitated and I thought he was going to say don’t
do it. But he said “Do it!” So I know he’ll love it. It’s really a lot of fun
for me and I look forward to these shows the same way I used to look forward to
house shows in great towns and even the pay-per-views. Nowadays when I do my
comedy shows, people can tell this is not something I just arrived at. It is
something I’ve worked on for years.

What’s next for Mick
204 more days of Santa Claus attire! And a fanny pack at every
stop. I’m really excited about the Santa Claus documentary. I posted a really
nice article about another documentary that I helped fund and produced about the
crisis of sexual bullying in schools and society. I’m continuing to try to make
a difference wherever I go.

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