Mick Foley Reacts To Being Left Off RAW Last Night


Mick Foley was asked on Twitter about not being part of WWE’s RAW Christmas episode. He posted the following on Twitter…

He then posted a longer message, sharing a happy Santa related story…

Sure, I would have like to be on #RAWChristmas – but it’s not my show, and not my call. So, I’m going to look at the glass of milk half-full and share a nice behind the scenes story.

A couple months ago, I heard from a longtime Santa -a large man who had fallen on tough times, and had been unable to play the Santa role he loved, because he no longer owned a suit for his large frome. Following the Santa match on RAW, Mark Henry gave me his Santa suit, and I had it in a box bound for Kentucky the next day.

The Kentucky Santa sent me a photo a couple days later – the suit fit perfectly 🙂

And to all a good night.

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