Mick Foley Reveals Career Regrets, Raw & SD GMs Tweet


– Mick Foley has revealed 3 of his biggest professional regrets during a Q&A session with his Twitter followers. Foley said that not wrestling Vince McMahon at Wrestlemania 17 was his biggest regret, followed by not wrestling on the first Eddie Gilbert memorial show and not writing the foreword to Lou Thesz’ autobiography.

Speaking on why he didn’t wrestle Vince at Wrestlemania, Foley said “in 2001, I took the ridiculous stance that I was NEVER wrestling again! Really believed it too.”

– Both the Raw GM John Laurinaitis (@WWERawGM) and SmackDown GM Theodore Long (@GMSmackDown) were active on Twitter during Raw.

John Laurinaitis tweeted: “Yes, @MichaelCole was 10 feet away from me when I texted him. But if you had unlimited texting, wouldn’t you avoid talking to him too? #Raw”

Theodore Long tweeted: “What makes @WWERawGM think he’s qualified to steal my job? He’s never been the actual GM of anything… #Holla #raw”

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