Mick Foley

Mick Foley Reveals he’d Wrestle in Saudi Arabia for Right Price


Earlier this week it was revealed that the Saudi General Sports Authority in partnership with WWE will host an event at the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on Friday, June 7 at 8 pm AST.

The event will feature WWE Superstars Roman Reigns, Undertaker, Kofi Kingston, Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins, Goldberg, AJ Styles and Brock Lesnar, and stream live on WWE Network.

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley spoke with TalkSport’s Pro Wrestling Show where he made it known that he would be willing to wrestle in the country for the right price.

“I can be had for a certain price,” Foley said. “If they wanted a rematch of the cell badly enough and were willing to pay for it, then my god they’d probably get it. Working slower than I did 21 years ago, but I’d be out there.”

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