Mick Foley Reveals If He Was Offered The Chance To Play Santa On FOX’s ‘New Girl’ Series


In a post on Facebook, Mick Foley revealed that he was offered the
chance to play Santa Claus on FOX’s New Girl but turned it down.

He wrote: “I got the inquiry from my agent (I wasn’t
definitely ‘in’, but really think I would have gotten the role),” Foley writes,
“and was absolutely thrilled…until I saw that the role called for me to be a
rather sleazy St Nick, throwing some sexual innuendos at the lovely Ms Deschanel
– and unfortunately, I just can’t do that as Santa.

Here’s the strange thing: I’d be more than happy to play a seedy,
innuendo throwing version of myself. In fact, I had no problem whatsoever
playing a small role in the upcoming feature #Dixieland, where I played myself
in a bizarre dream sequence at a Mississippi strip club, where I ‘make it rain’
on actress Riley Keough, the stunningly beautiful grand-daughter of ELVIS
PRESLEY. But I just can’t do it as Santa. Sure, it would have been great
publicity for the release of I Am Santa Claus, and I could have probably talked
Zooey into taking a photo with me for #FoleyIsElfWeek2 – part of my 365 day
#FoleyIsSanta challenge (currently at day #308) But it just would have felt

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