​Mick Foley Says He Almost Quit WWE Following The Montreal Screwjob, Talks Comedy Shows & More


Mick Foley spoke with the Seaway News
promoting his comedy show in Cornwall, Ontario, next week. Check out the

On expectations for his shows: “I don’t want people to
think it’s a comedy,” said Foley in a telephone interview with Seaway News.
“It’s not joke-telling. It’s a wrestling-centered storytelling show that is
based primarily in humor, but doesn’t have to be funny. It’s like taking fans on
the same kind of emotional journey that a wrestling match would.”

On nearly quitting WWE over the Montreal Screwjob: “This
will be my first return to Cornwall since ’97 when I quit WWE over the Montreal
Screwjob with Bret Hart,” he said in an interview with chinlock.com. “There was
a Monday Night Raw that I missed following that pay-per-view out of protest.
Then when my wife read my contract to me over the phone and I realized I’d just
breached my contract and couldn’t work anywhere in the world for five years, I
did return in Cornwall. I try to take every city where I’ve had history and
incorporate it into the show.”

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