Mick Foley Says Tweet Was A Joke, Lilian Teased


— As noted earlier, Mick Foley, who has not appeared on WWE programming since the Royal Rumble, teased a return to company storylines Sunday night via Twitter as he said he received voice-mails from SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long.

“Guess it’s about time I listen to some of these voice-mails from Teddy Long. Wonder what he wants. Catch you all tomorrow,” he wrote. However, he suggested minutes later it was a joke, writing, “No big deal. Teddy was just hoping I had Buff Bagwell’s number – apparently, it’s pretty important.”

Foley is scheduled for an upcoming WWE show as he will appear at the April 9 RAW SuperShow taking place at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C.

— Tony Chimel took a shot at Lillian Garcia at the SmackDown house show on Saturday. During a mic check, Chimel said, “1, 2, Long Island Iced Z! Jack Swagger!” The comment was a reference to Garcia’s flub at the SmackDown taping where she introduced Zack Ryder as Jack Swagger. John Cena mocked Garcia after the Smackdown taping, telling the live crowd, “She looks absolutely beautiful, but doesn’t know what the hell she’s doing!”

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