Mick Foley Says WWE Superstars “Hated” Working With Jonah Hill


WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley has claimed that Superstars hated working with actor/comedian Jonah Hill.

Hill was promoted as the guest host for the November 21, 2011 episode of Monday Night RAW but did not appear on the show.


Speaking on the latest episode of Foley is Pod, Mick claimed that talent loathed working with Hill, who did not want to be at the event.

“There was a reason why Jonah Hill was advertised as the guest GM and it never aired. The guys hated working with him. There were some like Hugh Jackman, dynamite, The Muppets, they loved it. Almost everyone was a good experience.

“Jonah Hill was one that didn’t even make the air because he apparently just didn’t want to be there and it showed. I think somebody saw him mouthing to his agent, ‘Get me out of here.’

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